Go Café - Rainbow Noodle Salad

What: On the Go, Rainbow noodle salad 

Where: All Go Cafés on campus (LMX, FTX, HML, TBT, LEE, RGN)

When: April 3 - 28

Price: $8.99

Combo: $10.99 * Perrier Spring water

 Noodles, cucumbers, red peppers, cabbage, carrots, edamame beans, tofu, clementine with lime slices


Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfait @ SITE Food Court

From April 3 to 28, start your day with an Oikos vanilla greek yogurt parfait at the SITE Food Court for $4.99!

Picture of the oikos vanilla greek yogurt parfait (cashews, blueberries and dried fruit)


Miss Vickie's Harvest & Pure Leaf Iced Tea @ SITE Food Court

Get some Miss Vickie's Harvest Cheddar and Herbs chips and Pure Leaf Iced Tea for only $4.79 at the SITE Food Court until April 28!

Miss Vickie's harvest cheddar and herbs and the pure leaf iced tea


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