Boost App

Pre-Order, Pre-pay and skip the line with the Boost App. Available September 2018.


Pre-order, pre-pay and skip the line with the new Boost App!

The Boost App is available at these locations:

- Starbucks (DMS),

- Second Cup (MRT),

- Première Moisson (FSS),

- Tim Hortons (CRX),

- Paramount, Lebanese Kitchen (CRX), 

- Thaï Express (CRX). 


Connect these to your Boost account and pre-pay! 

- Dining $ (Meal Plan Holders exclusively),

- Flex $,

- Visa, and

- MasterCard. 


The Boost App will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play. 


How to install, link your Dining$ and Flex$, and use the application

Login with your student card and use Flex$ and Dining$ for maximum convenience and savings!

Follow these step-by-step instructions…

Download the free “Boost APP” at the Apple Store or on Google Play. Select “Get Started”. Register with your first and last name, uOttawa email and desired password. Create your account.
Select the location “University of Ottawa”. Now link your student card or credit card by selecting the person icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Select “Manage Payment” Click on “Add Standard Program” for Dining$ and Flex$ OR add credit card.
To use Dining$ and Flex$ login with your UO Access ID. Username is uOttawa email address without To add a credit card, follow the prompts.
Linked accounts can be seen under Manage Payment. Use the home button to return to the menus.
Tap on the menu of your choice. Menu categories are located at the top of the menu.
Most menu items have customization options. Select Add to basket once order is complete. Select “View basket” at bottom of screen and review order. Note the pickup time provided.
You may choose a later pickup time from the drop down menu. Choose Dining$, Flex$ or credit card by selecting the pencil.
Select from Dining$, Flex$ or credit card. If the order is correct, select Place order. To edit an item, select it from the basket.
You should now see a confirmation screen. Collect your order at the designated Boost pickup location in your favourite café.


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