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Connecting people in an inviting culinary destination; eat, learn, live uOttawa!

Our Dining Hall is the second in Canada to offer service 24/7 service (fall and winter term)!  Everyone is welcome – anyone can eat at the Dining Hall: students, professors, staff, even guests.

There are different ways to take advantage of the Dining Hall:


Pay at the door 

Paying the door rate gives you access to all the stations, even My Pantry. Access is valid for one meal period only or a maximum of 3 hours. Here are the door rates according to the time of day:

Time of day

Price (+ tax)

Breakfast (6 am to 9:30 am)


Lunch (9:30 am to 4 pm)


Diner (4 pm to 11 pm)


Late night (11 pm to 6 am)


Dining Hall menu

The 24/7 Dining Hall is a safe facility open day and night. Choose from 10 stations offering a variety of delicious meals made on site with fresh ingredients, along with a Desserts and Drinks stations (Starbucks espresso, cappuccino machine and filtered coffee, an assortment of pop drinks, juices and milk including chocolate milk).

You can use My Pantry to cook for yourself, or the World Flavours station if you want to try international meals. If you prefer vegetarian, vegan or made without gluten meals, our Special Diet station is the place for you! But if you have a SERIOUS ALLERGY, find out about the Dietary Restriction Program.

Summer Orientation Lunch Menu

From August 12 to 16 and August 20 to 24

Salad bar

Fresh greens from ‘’The Growcer’’, selection of toppings and salad dressings.


On the Grill

Grilled salmon filet with green sauce and lemon

Braised beef brisket carving station

Traditional rice Pilaf and rosemary roasted baby red potatoes

Steamed broccoli, cauliflower and spring carrots with tarragon

Homemade corn bread


Chef’s specialty at ‘’My pantry’’

90-second homemade pizza


Sweet ending

Selection of cakes, cookies, squares and fruits

Coffee, tea, variety of fountain juices and milk from ‘’La laiterie de l'Outaouais’’

Allergies and Dietary Preferences in the Dining Hall

Dietary restriction program:

This program offers an alternative to meal plan holders suffering from allergies such as Nuts, tree nuts, Gluten or wheat, dairy, egg.


Dietary Preferences:

In the 24/7 Dining Hall, the following options are available as part of the buffet.

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Prepared without gluten
  • Halal (beef, chicken, lamb – whole meat only)


  • Tray-less dining
  • The Dining hall is a 100% compost, No waste, and a No recyclable items facility
  • Food Services is in the process of getting their Marine Steward Council (MSC) fish certification

Throughout the year, Food Services conducts many waste reduction awareness campaigns and have low carbon menu days.

Offer feedback

Have feedback or a complaint about the Dining hall? Use any of these 4 approaches to give us your comments. Getting your feedback allows us to improve upon and resolve any problems or concerns you might have. We appreciate any feedback.

  • Speak to the chefs
  • Talk to the floor managers
  • Fill out our online form
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