The Dining Hall

Our Award Winning Dining Hall

The Dining Hall will be reopening its doors on August 31st to Meal Plan Holders! You may choose to dine in or take your food to go. Check out our opening hours to see when to come and enjoy. 

Our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of our community, and we are taking all the necessary precautions. We have established new processes to ensure that we offer the best possible experience all while respecting new safety measures and physical distancing guidelines. To become familiar with these essential measures, please consult our how-to and rules of the Dining Hall

We will continue to monitor the evolving public health guidelines and we will update you on any changes.

Safety measures in place

  • Access: Limited to Meal Plan holders.
  • Cleaning Procedures: Tables and chairs are cleaned after each use in addition to frequent cleaning of high touch points.
  • No self-service: Utensils, plates and take-out containers are provided by staff. Personal containers are not allowed. Food is served by staff or individually wrapped in the Dining Hall. 
  • Take-out option available: You will have to choose dine-in or takeout, NOT BOTH. Meal Plan holders will get a reusable container for takeout.
  • Contactless entry: Meal Plan holders must use their uOttawa card to enter the Dining Hall. 
  • Wear a mask or face covering except when seated at a table.
  • Respect physical distancing: Follow directional signage and physical distance markers on the floor and on the tables.
  • Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer: Several hand sanitizing stations are available in the Dining Hall.
Dining Hall Access and Prices

Connecting people in an inviting culinary destination; eat, learn, live uOttawa!

Everyone is welcome – anyone can eat at the Dining Hall: students, professors, staff, even guests.

There are different ways to take advantage of the Dining Hall:


Pay at the door 

Paying the door rate gives you access to all the stations, even My Pantry. Access is valid for one meal period only or a maximum of 3 hours. Here are the door rates according to the time of day:

Time of day

Price (+ tax)

Breakfast (6 am to 9:30 am)


Lunch (9:30 am to 4 pm)


Diner (4 pm to 11 pm)


Late night (11 pm to 6 am)


Dining Hall menu

Choose from 10 stations offering a variety of delicious meals made on site with fresh ingredients, along with a Desserts and Drinks stations (Starbucks espresso, cappuccino machine and filtered coffee, an assortment of soft drinks, juices and milk, including chocolate milk).

You can use My Pantry to cook for yourself, or the World Flavours station if you want to try international meals. If you are looking for vegan and vegetarian options, the Pure station uses 100% plant-based ingredients.   But if you have a SERIOUS ALLERGY, please read about the Dietary Restriction Program.

Allergies and Dietary Preferences in the Dining Hall

Dietary restriction program:

This program offers an alternative to meal plan holders suffering from allergies such as Nuts, tree nuts, Gluten or wheat, dairy, egg.

Dietary Preferences:

In the Dining Hall, the following options are available as part of the buffet.

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Prepared without gluten
  • Halal (beef, chicken, lamb – whole meat only)


In a nutshell

Connecting people in an inviting culinary destination; eat, learn, live uOttawa!

Welcome to our All-you-care-to-eat Dining Hall! Everyone is welcome – students, staff, faculty and guests.

A wide variety of food options, including vegetarian, vegan and Halal

A great community and learning environment

Special events such as guest chefs and theme nights

Capacity of 700, serving on average 6000 meals per day

Unlimited access for 5 and 7-day meal plan holders, which includes these benefits:

  • Access to our registered dietitian
  • Boxed lunch program
  • Access to exclusive contests and events
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