Upcoming Changes to the 24/7 Dining Hall

The new 24/7 Dining Hall has been such a success that it will be challenging at times to allow access to everyone. The policies below will allow us to give access to the Dining Hall to as many people as possible.

All diners within the 24/7 Dining Hall must comply with the following rules:


Access time limit

In order to welcome as many guests as possible in the Dining Hall during peak periods, Food Services will limit a visitor's stay to one meal period or a maximum stay of three hours. Staff will therefore ask for a time-stamped proof of purchase (receipt).

Reduce food waste

Be mindful of not taking more than you can eat: you can always go back for seconds.

No take-out allowed
  • You may not use take-out containers of any kind, to take food or beverages out of the Dining Hall.
  • You may not remove dishware, cutlery or decorations from the Dining Hall.
  • You may only remove single-serve items, such as fruit or small desserts, and these are limited to one item per person.
  • We reserve the right to open and inspect any bags, backpacks, or packages brought into, or removed from, the Dining Hall.
Share the space
  • Please refrain from taking up space on chairs and tables for your books or laptop.
  • Booths are meant for large groups; guests will be expected to share the booths or will be asked to move.
  • Please comply with the time limit in the 30-minute-seating area
Cleaning up
  • Please pick up all your dishes, cutlery, and glassware, and return these items to one of the compost stations
  • If you notice a spill, please let one of the Dining Hall staff know so that it can be cleaned up immediately
Emergency exits

Emergency exits are only to be used in emergencies.

Overnight entry is restricted to students orstaff
  • Between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., visitors will be required to show their uOttawa ID card.
Backpacks and bags


  • Whenever possible, students living in residences should leave personal belongings or valuables in their room.
Respectful behaviour

Diners must treat all Dining Hall diners and staff members with respect.

Unacceptable behaviour

Any individual who is found loitering, intoxicated or causing a disturbance, damage or harm will be asked to leave the Dining Hall, and may be denied further entry to the Dining Hall.

Dress code

Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn inside the Dining Hall.

Individuals who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, or with the general rules, regulations or directives that apply to entry to and use of the Dining Hall, may be denied entry to the Dining Hall or will be asked to leave.  Depending on the severity of the circumstances, such individuals may be subject to further measures or loss of privileges.

View the complete uOttawa Card Terms and conditions

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