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Eating for Academic Performance

Food Services wants to help you make good choices for great grades.

Evidence has shown that eating habits can affect concentration, memory, and overall grades. We will highlight evidence-based strategies to try in the Dining Hall or across campus.

Watch for UOHS Peer Educators teaching recipes at My Pantry monthly or teaching skills, like how to build a better breakfast.

Want to use food to improve your test scores? There is strong evidence that:

  1. Eating breakfast improves academic performance.  
  2. The more often you have breakfast, the better your overall academic performance.

Here’s an easy SMART goal to get yourself started:

“I will have something to eat within 2 hours of waking up on days I have classes for the next two weeks.” Then make sure you reward yourself when you meet your goal!

Need some inspiration? Look for recipes and ingredients at My Pantry in the 24/7 Dining Hall. Or follow the how-to videos on your phone or at home.

Follow @uOCuisine to know when these will be happening.




At 6 foot 9 Chef Keegan cuts an imposing figure in the kitchen, even when he's not holding a knife. Keegan is executive Chef at the OttawaU. He has refined his culinary skills working at a variety of restaurants. He earned a chance to apprentice at his family’s favorite restaurant, where he started working washing dishes. This is how he worked his way through the ranks to Assistant Manager where he was in charge of production, and dinner service. 

Keegan is from a remote part of Quebec where he grew up on lake front property. His love for cooking started at a very young age, along with his love for fishing. He used to hike down a stream running out of his lake where he would catch brook trout and bring them home where his mother would pan fry them as he would watch in amusement. They would also go berry picking and make blue berry pies and wild berry cobblers. Keegan spent his adolescence in Utah where he live with a Mexican family and learnt authentic Mexican cuisine (passed down from generation to generation). This is where he developed his love for spicy food. He has since mastered many different international styles of cooking.

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