Iron Chef

From left to right: Musta Ismail, Stephanie Moyana, Chef Keegan Gilchrist, David Foubert and Camille Blais-Rochette


Iron chef is an interuniversity competition which takes place every year. The competition is between the University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of Massachussetts. It takes place every year in February.

The selection of candidates is made through an internal competition which takes place at the University of Ottawa.

Iron Chef is organized with the aim of winning the inter-university culinary competition but also gives the chance for students passionate about cooking to learn more about their art and gain experience.


Camille Blais-Rochette
Experimental Psychology (Graduate Program)

Camille is a graduate student in social psychology at the University of Ottawa. Her thesis aims to study how personality is related to having negative or positive attitudes toward ethnocultural groups. Besides her thesis, she also worked on research projects to better understand how music is tied to autobiographical memories and emotion regulation, what is mental health state of the people who survived and/or treated the Ebola virus and how surviving the Haiti earthquake is related to

some mental health issues. She really enjoys cooking because food brings people together. Cooking techniques and recipes are also ways to learn about different cultures and traditions. During her studies, she remained active by joining intramural soccer and volleyball teams at the University of Ottawa.

David Foubert

David is in the final semester of a Bachelor in Science Honours Biology degree with a specialization in cellular and molecular. He grew up and went to school in Ottawa. He has had a passion for cooking since he was young. Growing up most of the meals that he ate were made from scratch, which is how he began to learn to cook. Now his favourite kind of food to cook and eat is South American food. His other passions besides cooking include alpine skiing, spending time outdoors and traveling.

Stephanie Moyana

Stephanie is the chef in a family of seven sisters. While she started young in the kitchen to avoid eating her mother’s steamed kale, it has become her passion and her favourite thing to do between studying Accounting. She celebrates her diverse Polish and Zimbabwean heritage by embracing spices and pairing together new flavours. You can often find her brewing vanilla extract or tending to her fresh herb garden. Stephanie’s specialty is attention to detail and this reflects in her favourite dish to prepare: croissants. She brings a wide range of kitchen skills, acquired from assisting at the PC Cooking School, that she can’t wait to apply to her team’s presented appetizer and main. You can expect her to remain calm and to thrive under pressure in the kitchen. Stephanie has entered this competition to expand her repertoire of techniques and to foster friendships with those who share her enthusiasm for cooking.

Mustafa Ismail
Biomedical Science

Bio to come

Chef Keegan Gilchrist
Chef exécutif

At 6 foot 9 Chef Keegan cuts an imposing figure in the kitchen, even when he's not holding a knife. Keegan is executive Chef at uOttawa. He has refined his culinary skills working at a variety of restaurants. He earned a chance to apprentice at his family’s favorite restaurant, where he started working washing dishes. This is how he worked his way through the ranks to Assistant Manager where he was in charge of production, and dinner service. 

Keegan is from a remote part of Quebec where he grew up on lake front property. His love for cooking started at a very young age, along with his love for fishing. He used to hike down a stream running out of his lake where he would catch brook trout and bring them home where his mother would pan fry them as he would watch in amusement. They would also go berry picking and make blue berry pies and wild berry cobblers. Keegan spent his adolescence in Utah where he lived with a Mexican family and learnt authentic Mexican cuisine (passed down from generation to generation). This is where he developed his love for spicy food. He has since mastered many different international styles of cooking.

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